Cairns Sup Regs 11th July & additional race day information

04 Jul 2020

Cairns Supplementary Regulations 11th July

COVID Preparation – Race Meeting July 2020
This is to be read in conjunction with the sub-regulations.

1. The facility limit is 500 persons
2. Spectators are permitted
3. All KA licence holders (drivers, pitcrew, officials) must complete the on-line ‘Travel
Register and Isolation Form’. The form takes less than a minute to complete and asks a
few basic questions. The form can be found here 
4. On-line entry only, NO nominations available on the day.
C88D0.tomcat_a or
licence and click on “Enter a Race Meeting”
6. All entries must be pre-paid prior to midnight Thursday 9th July 2020. Payment is by
direct deposit only – Cairns Kart Racing Club BSB 064-804 Account 10026081
7. A proof of payment must be emailed to [email protected] prior to midnight
Thursday 9th July 2020.
8. Entry forms are not required.
9. Scrutineering form are to be completed on-line. Scrutineering forms can be found at  If you are
hiring a transponder use “tba” or 9999999 as transponder number.
10. The canteen will not be in operation at this meeting.
11. Drivers brief notes will be distributed to members prior to the event and any updates
will be distributed via email.
12. Enter Speedway through the front gate only – refer attached diagram
13. No pitting inside the speedway circuit – use the speedway pits only
14. Pit a minimum of 5M apart
15. No sharing of equipment
16. One gate for entry to race-track, one for exit as per drawing below
17. Each kart to be placed on the grid individually, driver and one pitcrew only.
18. Spacing of 1.5M between karts to be maintained.
19. Driver and pitcrew to exit the grid area whilst other karts are being placed on the grid.
20. Once all karts are on the grid, drivers wearing full safety equipment may enter the grid
to commence practise, qualifying or racing.
21. Drivers are to exit the in grid immediately at the completion of their on track session and wait until all drivers have completed their session.
22. At the completion if the session one driver and pitcrew at a time can then enter In-grid
to collect kart.
23. Exit the track and return to pit immediately.                                                                                24. All members are required to assist with track set-up and pull down, your executive have been working hard behind the scenes to make this meeting possible, please do not leave all the work on the day to them.
25. Bring your own hand sanitiser
26. CDKRC will supply sanitiser and paper towels in toilets.
27. Only toilet cubicle one and three in use

Checklist / links
Travel Registration and Isolation form completed for Driver and nominated pit crew.
Scrutineering form
Receipt for direct deposit of nominations
From your chosen financial institution
On-line Entry;jsessionid=BB48205557731E4188DB969C0A2C88D0.tomcat_a

*** All the above forms must be completed prior to the event ***
Entry to the event can not occur if these forms have not been completed